Polka, 1808 dark bay mare

1808 dark bay mare. By Gniady out of Polka. In Russian the term “Polka” refers to a Polish woman. Primary sources reference this mare by name as the dam of Szumka II. The Janow Podloski pedigree database, which is based on Polish studbooks, indicates this mare is also a full sister to the stallion Szumka I. Roman Sanguszko Sr. specifically states that Polka was not a pure Arabian horse.

Roman Sanguszko Sr.’s history of the stud in 1876 gives the following information on Polka: “The black Szumka II was the one that stood out the most from the Hajlan progeny, he came from the mare Polka. Polka was not a pure Arabian mare; her sire of a cherry-bay coat and bought in Vienna, Austria around the year 1790.”

Roman Sanguszko Sr. repeated this account in the Russian version of same text in 1876: “From the Keheilan’s offspring, the most famous was Shumka 2 out of the mare Polka. Polka was not a pureblood Arabian mare; her sire was a bay with dark-red coat and was bought in Vienna around 1790.”

For further discussion of the local non Arabian mares like this one in Skowronek’s pedigree please read this article: “The local mares at the heart of Skowronek’s pedigree.

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