Derwisz, 1870 grey stallion

Grey stallion imported in 1870. Apparently purchased in Istanbul from a unknown Consul there by Artur Bey Zimmerman.

The 1903 Russian Arabian Stud Book mentions Derwisz several times as an ancestor of various horses. Excerpts are below:

In the entry for Aga: “‘Dervish’ (Дервиш), Arabian stallion of Nedji, bought in Arabia from Artur-Bey in 1870.”

In the entry for Garfa: “imported Arabian stallion “Dervish” (Дервиш) bought in 1870 from Artur-Bey.”

In the entry for Mazaika+: “‘Dervish’ (Дервиш) bought in Arabia via Consul in Constantinople, Mr. Zimmerman, in 1870.”

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