Iskander-Basza, 1851 grey stallion

1851 grey stallion. By Batran-Aga out of Armida.

The 1903 Russian Arabian Stud Book mentions a Iskander-Pasha that is in the pedigree of Skowronek’s dam: “Yaskulka (Яскулка) (Skowronek‘s Dam). Belongs to Count I. Potocki (граф И. Потоцки). Grey mare, born in 1891 at the own farm. Sire “Rymnik” (Рымник) of the Prince R.V. Sanguszko’s farm (завода князя Р.В. Сангусщко). Dam “Epopeya № 263” (Эпопея № 263) by “Dervish” (Дервиш) imported from Arabia in 1870, granddam “Lira № 198” (Лира № 198) from “Obeyan-Matsyuk” (Обейан-Мацюк) of the own farm, son of “Batran-aga” (Батран-Ага), imported from Arabia in 1842; great granddam “Kreolka № 103” (Креолка № 103) by “Iskander-Pasha” (Искандер-Паша) imported from Arabia in 1851, great great granddam “Zozulya № 70”[79] (Зозуля № 70) by “Krolik” (Кролик) of Prince Sanguszko’s farm; great great great granddam – mare of Prince Sanguszko’s farm.” According to Polish sources which are based on Sanguszko herd books inspected prior to WWII, this horse was not imported, but foaled at Slawuta.

Skowronek’s dam Jaskolka, and Iskander-Basza descendant, is listed as the second to last horse in part two of the 1903 Russian Arabian Stud Book which was reserved for horses of mixed blood and insufficiently ascertained Arabian provenance.

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