Szweykowska, 1800 bay mare

A bay mare from Mr. Szwieykowski born around 1800. The approximate date of birth follows the Janow Podloski database which is based on Polish stud books. Szwieykowski is a Polish surname that exists to the present day. Roman Sanguszko Sr. mentions a mare of this name during his review of a 1799 stud report in his 1876 history of the stud published in Polish and Russian. Szweykowska was not an Arabian mare.

The 1876 history published in Polish says “mares in the Chrestówka herd were named after the people and places from which they came from: Czerniatyńska, Mianoska, Rybińska, Czerkaska, Sobolowata, Szwieykowsa, Warszawska, and so on.”

The 1876 history published in Russian gives the same information: “mares at the Khrestovetsky farm were named after their previous owners’ localities from which they were acquired, for example: Chernyatinskaya, Myanovskaya, Rybinskaya, Cherkasskaya, Sobolevataya, Sveykovskaya, Varshavskaya, etc. “

The 1799 stud report itself details one mare that can fit this description: “kasztanowata Szwieykowska” translated as “chestnut one from Mr. Szwieykowski” is listed in the mares with foal in Chrestówka in 1799, her foal from the “dirty English chestnut from Prince E. Sanguszko.” This stallion is presumed to be Gniady.

Certain types of chestnuts can sometimes be confused with the color bay. Regardless of the differences in color, a mare named Szweykowska in the Sanguszko herd around the year 1800 came from Mr. Szwieykowski. This is what Prince Roman Sanguszko Sr. tells us.

For further discussion of the local non Arabian mares like Szweykowska in Skowronek’s pedigree please read this article: “The local mares at the heart of Skowronek’s pedigree.

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