Stable Report (1799)

19 August 1799  Stable Report

By Rybinski (Equerry of Hieronim Sanguszko), Unpublished, Sanguszko Archives, Kraków, 1799.

Edited by Lyman Doyle. Translated from Polish to English by David Rygielski.

Editors Note

  1. The Sanguszkos owned a lot of horses in 1799. The report details 423 horses and a staff of 27.
  2. The herd was in several locations including Slawuta, Chrestówka, Tarnawka, Polachowa, and some that had arrived in 1799 from Czerkasy.
  3. Horses were primarily known by their sex, color, any distinguishing features, and where or who they came from.
  4. Of the 33 Chrestówka mares foaled in 1799, 13 were sired by English stallions, 13 were sired by stallions from the Stecki, Starzyński, and Walecki families, while another 6 were sired by a “Greek bay Persian” stallion. No foal born in 1799 had an Arab sire.
  5. The report lists a white Egyptian stallion standing at Slawuta, and another dark bay Arabian stallion described as a carriage horse. These are the only horses in the report that could even remotely be described as Arabians.
  6. It appears that the Sanguszko’s were mainly interested in English and locally bred stallions than Eastern or Oriental ones.
  7. Szwieykowska is the name of a mare that appears in Skowronek’s pedigree born around 1800. This report gives us an idea of the origin of this mare as two other mares named Szwieykowska appear to originate with Mr. Szwieykowski. “Kasztanowata Szwieykowska” translated as “chestnut one from Mr. Szwieykowski” is listed in the mares with foal in Chrestówka in 1799, her foal from the “dirty English chestnut from Prince E. Sanguszko.” “Siwa Szwieykowska z kałdunem wygięta” translated as “crooked gray mare with a big belly from Mr. Szwieykowski” is listed among the barren mares pasturing at Tarnawka.
  8. Rybinski’s report was interpreted and summarized by Roman Sanguszko Sr. in his history of the stud published in 1876. He concluded that the mares cited above and many of the stallions were locally bred horses of mixed blood.

Horses Standing in Slawuta Stables in 1799

Foaled mares standing in Chrestówka in 1799

Foals of different ages in Chrestówka

The herd pasturing at Tarnawka

The herd pasturing at Tarnawka (continued)

The Czerkasy herd that arrived in Chrestówka in 1799

The Czerkasy herd that arrived in Chrestówka in 1799 (continued)

Summary of Stallions, various horses, and the herd in the year 1799

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